Performance, Bottom-line & Justification ebook

Performance, Bottom-line & Justification :

How to Eat Your Competitors’ Lunch for Breakfast

What is it? Its a free e-book.

What does it do?  It provides essential strategic business insight for businesses that want to increase their business(es) while focusing on their core business.

What else this publication covers: 

  • How to become essential to your clients.
  • How to harness the untapped power of the free lunch.
  • How to turn potential leads into hungry customers.
  • How to deal with potentially sticky situations.

How much does it cost? Nada, zilch

How do I get it?   Download PDF   

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About the Author:
Following in the rather large and impressive footprints of Abraham Lincoln, Michael was born in a log cabin that he helped his father build. At an early age he realized what he wanted to be… an eBook writer! Though the eBook had yet to be invented, Michael contented himself by writing bits of books on what was known back then as paper. Today there is a lot of confusion as to whether or not we should continue to make books out of paper due to the impact on our environment. As GOP candidate Mitt Romney commented at a recent speech “The trees are the right height.” That being said, the KTH Centre for Sustainable Communications in Stockholm has concluded that spending 30 minutes reading an eBook in Europe produced 35 kilograms of CO2 per year/per reader. Reading the news in a printed newspaper fared better at about 28 kg CO2/yr. This leads us to the recommendation that you immediately fly to Europe to print this book out and try to inhale twice for every exhale in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Oh and Michael, yeah, he is a musician, comedy writer with a troupe in NYC, Audio Engineer at Saturday Night Live and somehow still finds time for his job as Chief Marketing Strategist for Etched Creative. In Mike’s own words, “I’m in NYC. Find me. We can high five. We can do other things too, but I give really good high fives. Honestly, I can high five all day. I’m told I’m a really good high fiver.” I think I agree.

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